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Chastin J. Miles

I was a young man with a dream to conquer the real estate world...

Embark on a journey defined by purpose, momentum, and legacy - the story of Chastin J. Miles, an entrepreneur who not only transformed his trajectory in the real estate realm since 2014 but also ignited a path for others to follow.

Driven by process and purpose, Chastin evolved from a fledgling agent to a renowned thought leader, illustrating the power of the "Legacy Ladder" and the "Momentum Matrix". Harnessing the platform of YouTube, he has shared invaluable insights, amassing a community of millions ready to craft their legacies with clarity and intent.

Chastin J. Miles embodies the belief that through a clear process and unwavering purpose, anyone can build an enduring legacy. Join him on this transformative journey.

His relentless hustle, fueled by a fiery spirit, saw him transition from a struggling solo agent to a formidable force. Recognizing his gift for inspiring others, Miles turned to YouTube, sharing game-changing insights that drew millions, becoming a beacon for those seeking to grow professionally. Miles also founded Power Unit Coaching to cultivate entrepreneurial leaders, further contributing to his legacy through his his bestseller, "The Real Before The Estate.

From an individual agent to addressing a 7,000-strong audience, Miles' diverse portfolio is a testament to his determination and adaptability. High-profile publications such as The New York Times and Forbes recognize his expertise.

His story stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and ambition, reminding us that anyone can carve out their unique legacy.

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Chastin has been featured on over 50 podcast episodes

With a wealth of real-world experience and a passion for empowering others, Chastin delivers electrifying presentations that resonate with diverse audiences. From entrepreneurship and real estate to motivation and leadership, he covers a wide range of subjects that inspire and educate.

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The CHASTINMiles Team

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